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The Chase
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Cane enjoys the view balcony on
his day off
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let’s his inner
dinosaur ROAR!
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About Cane The Weather Dog:

Cane was a homeless dog living on the streets of Miami, Florida.

One morning Scott was jogging. He saw Cane hiding in a bush along the sidewalk. Cane was scared because Scott was nearby.

Cane ran out into the road and was hit by a car. The car driver left Cane on the road to die. Scott ran out and got Cane out of the road. Cane was very injured. Scott rushed Cane to the veterinarian. He needed immediate surgery. His front leg and back hip was broken.

Cane had to wear a cast for many months. Scott adopted Cane and took him home to help him heal.

While he was healing, Cane helped his new daddy study for weather school. Now, his daddy Scott is a tv weatherman and Cane is The Weather Dog.

Cane and his daddy Scott travel around the country in their truck chasing storms.

“Cane the Weather Dog storm chasing”

Cane The Weather Dog and his daddy Scott travel the world chasing severe weather. Cane teaches children about the different types of weather, the environment, planetary processes, and safety.

Cane The Weather Dog loves to chase things. He really loves to chase severe weather with his daddy Scott. His daddy is a tv weatherman. They help keep kids safe by chasing storms.