What We Offer:

  • Custom & Generic Live & As-Live Video Reports/Debriefs
  • Custom & Generic Radio Report Packages (2 - 30 seconds & 1 - one minute report)
  • LIve Audio Reports/Debriefs
  • Live Anchor Question & Answer talkbacks
  • Written news articles with supporting still photo slide shows
  • Custom & Generic Social Media Video Reports/Debriefs
  • High Resolution still photo slide shows
  • HD Drone video
  • Social Media “Take-Over” Question & Answer with your followers
  • Live Broadcasts on your Social Media accounts

Four Simple Steps:

1. Watch the content options in our News Portal

2. Select Your Media Type and Fee

3. Pay Online

4. Dowland and Distribute Anyway You Want

Four Simple Steps:

When you purchase a license for our content, the license is for your media outlet. It does NOT include sister stations, affiliates, or domestic/foreign partners. We offer affiliate service and station group licenses.

Each license provides:

  • All rights for television and radio broadcast, newspaper and magazine, social media, website, and full library rights in perpetuity.
  • No sharing or distribution to: Sister companies, stations, media outlets, affiliates, or partners. We offer affiliate services and station group licenses.
  • On-screen credit: SevereWxLive